Guidelines For Autumn Roof Maintenance

Maintenance in Autumn

The larger investments you’ve made in your home is your roof. The lifespan of your roof increases just like other major investments if you keep up with minor maintenance.

The same as services on your car you pay for regular maintenance on car oil changes, tune-ups, and tire rotations to prevent small problems from becoming big problems. Maintainance of your roof does the same thing and autumn is the perfect time for it.

Here are three things to consider for roof maintenance.

1. Autumn Cleanup and Repairs

Recommendation experts are that you have a biannual inspection done on your roof. That will typically be every spring and autumn but definitely during autumn. That leaves ample time to have work done just before the raining season during summer.

Fallen leaves

The following checklist is things you must keep an eye on, and quickly repair the damage before it becomes a bigger, more expensive issues.

  • Deteriorating rubber plumbing boots around pipes
  • Cracking or flaking, and rusting attic vents
  • Roof penetration by animals or even damage
  • Curling, cupping, flaking, tearing, splitting, and blistering shingles
  • Buckling roof decking
  • Clogged of gutters and downpipes with dead leaves and other debris
  • Cut away tree branches resting on the roof or house

2. Damage in Spring

If you had roof-damaging storms that hit your neighborhood during spring, you may have waited till after the storm season passed before getting repairs done.

You don’t want to have another hail storm come along and tear up your roof! Therefore it’s a good idea to call in a roofer to do an inspection before damage force the need to replace the complete roof. Should repairs be needed it’s much better to have that done now than when rain falls during summer. Tremco does a thorough check of your property’s roof

3. Preparation for Summer

Winter time is hard on the roof. Heat and cold causes your roof to expand and shrink with the ongoing damage it brings to the sealant and paint cover.

You have to ask whether there are there any factors that may cause an ice dam on your roof or other signs of poor roof health? When you don’t have a regular maintenance program, or you have not had your roof checked in a while, the time to have it checked is now.

Call Tremco‘s professionals to come out and do your roof maintenance for you.

Have peace of mind by doing autumn maintenance, take care of your roof and it will take care of you, for years and years to come.

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